Blog Reborn

It’s hard to keep a good idea down!  So we’ve breathed new life into Drive It – Convert It!

The Drive It – Convert It! blog was originally hosted at, and produced a popular podcast series throughout 2006.  We’ve did migrate the podcasts over (they still get lots of downloads), but left the rest.

Drive It – Convert It! will be a place that allows the staff at Bastion Internet to get a little more opinionated and speculative about the way we see the world.  Bastion Internet is where we get the job done, but is where we talk about how the job gets done; what is fun, frustrating, fascinating, and more about the technology and sociology that we face on a day to day basis.

So stay tuned!  You’ll be happy you did!

About JohnB

John Boulter is the President of Bastion Internet and a major contributor to the Drive It - Convert It! website. Avid interest in the web and Internet marketing and a student of life.
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