Ma Bell and SEO

What’s worse than overcharging for SEO – undercharging for SEO.

I just received an email blast from my phone service provider – AT&T.  It caught my eye because two of the three calls to action were for SEO. Now I don’t know about you, but it’s always a tough choice for me to decide between my cable provider and my phone company as to who gets my SEO business, so I decided to have a closer look at their offer.

I was actually a little surprised at the content after clicking on the links – although pretty basic, much of the infomation hit the mark reasonably well (see links below if you want to check them out).

Well, I got ready to shutter the windows and bring in my shingle – their Enhanced Marketer plan is $10 per month and their Premier Marketer plan comes in at a jaw-dropping $15 per month.  How can a guy compete with that!

What I object to here is that AT&T really isn’t interested in helping small businesses drive traffic through search.  They use search information as a lead-in to try to sell their more core services. However, in doing so, they imply that you’ll see search results for those kind of dollars – you won’t. You’ll just feel misled by yet another SEO firm.

A large part of our business over at Bastion Internet is Search Engine Optimization.  One of the biggest challenges we have is to estimate the amount of effort and resources it will take to successfully get a website found for the targeted phrases.  Of course, effort and resources are directly linked to price. So – quote too much and you risk never getting the business, quote too little and there becomes a high risk of failure – either for your client or your bottom line.

This market is way too mature and competitive for a low-priced magic bullet to work.

(here are the AT&T links if you’d like to view them)

  • Quiz: SEO for small businesses (link here for the .pdf)
  • Eight SEO mistakes and how to fix them (link here)
  • Leads to a sales pitch for hosting and Internet marketing programs – here.

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