Hi. I’m John Boulter, President and Chief Bottle Washer at Bastion Internet, Inc. I’ve been in technology for over 25 years and have spent that time focused on fulfilling the needs of small and medium sized business. Two of my passions are business and technology. Hopefully, these passions of mine will help you with yours.

The Drive It – Convert It! site is a place that allows me and some of the staff at Bastion Internet to get a little more opinionated and speculative about the way we see the world.  Bastion Internet is where we get the job done, but www.DriveItConvertIt.com is where we talk about how to get the job done; what is fun, frustrating, fascinating, and more about the technology and sociology that we face on a day to day basis.

The names and faces change, but business is business and technology just provides new tools to solve old challenges and take advantage of the opportunities of the day.

I have now been alive long enough to see trends come full circle and to see history repeating itself. In fact, I now hear myself telling both my 12 and 18 year old sons that “the original version was better” as we listen to the latest “new” music. This perspective helps immeasurably when deciding on which technologies to use, how to use them, and how to deal with the people and personalities that they come with.

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