Drive It – Convert It! – #1 (podcast): The First Step to Great Online Marketing – Setting Your Site Objective

(Note: This podcast was originally published 1n 2006 under another domain name –  In 2010, the blog was later migrated to this site.  Some links may be outdated or there may be issues with RSS feeds)

The inagural podcast of Drive It – Convert It!
This podcast talks about a vital part of your online success – nailing down your site objective.
Here’s a summary:
Many companies never nail down the main objective of their website. They then go on to spend money on search engine advertising and search engine optimization without having the best vehicle for it – a site with a clear objective.
Once your objective is clear, it becomes orders of magnitude easier to ensure you have an appropriate and effective site design, focused web advertising, and the right level and quantity of functions and content. It also gives designers, search engine marketers, and programmers the focus they need to stay on target with your site development and site marketing.
Thus, you have a better designed site and you won’t have overspent.
Here’s the podcast Drive It – Convert It! Podcast #1

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John Boulter is the President of Bastion Internet and a major contributor to the Drive It - Convert It! website. Avid interest in the web and Internet marketing and a student of life.
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